The new album recorded in 2015 "20-15-10" will not be uploaded here and this domain to be abandoned. All the music and information regarding the Vadim's projects Krai and Votton are moved to:

Date: 06.05.2016

Live video "Zavtra" is added to the "Extras" page

As well seven acoustic songs are added to the "Music" page

Date: 17.06.2014

Seven live songs from the acoustic club performance were added to "Music"
Second Guitar - Igor Palla

1 - Progulki po vode (V. Butusov, Nautilus Pompilius)
2 - Strela (Krai)
3 - Passenger (A. Gorokhov, Ado)
4 - Prikosnovenie (Krai)
5 - Daleko (L. Fedorov, Auction)
6 - Angel (Krai)
7 - Pro durachka (E. Letov, GrOb)
Date: 02.11.2013

The new Album "Letel Nedolgo" (Flew not long) has been released in May, 2013
There are 10 songs, written in 2012-2013
Listen at Music or
Download link:

Date: 04.05.2013

Vadim left his band "Krai" (Edge) when he moved from Russia in 2009. 
He has been singing and writing all the songs for sixteen years since the band was formed in 1993.
The band Krai still goes on and plays the old songs and cover versions:

Date: 04.05.2013

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